Château Kabab (West Island)

At Château Kabab we strive to bring you the most authentic Iraqi and Persian cuisine under one roof.


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Château Kabab (West Island)

Château Kabab (West Island)

Restaurant Château Kabab is a leading name in the world of oriental food. We are the pioneer in combining both, the Persian and Iraqi cuisine under one roof. We invite you to indulge our rich variety on the menu. Order now by phone or online it will be our pleasure to deliver for you or if you want come and pick up!

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Quality score

  • Влас Яушкин

    Влас Яушкин Влас Яушкин

    -A very varied menu, reasonable prices, hearty portions. Will definitely come here again.-
  • Mahdi Mankai

    Mahdi Mankai Mahdi Mankai

    -Food is very tasty and well priced. The service was also very good. I recommend.-
  • ita ita

    ita ita ita ita

    -I have never been disappointed eating here. Chicken koobideh is always hot and fresh. Never old at all. Lentil soup is always served hot. definetly worth your money.-
  • Dody Flower

    Dody Flower Dody Flower

    -when I think to eat other than my home it's always Chateau Kabab, Excellent eating experience.. from walking in the door and being greeted by employee. Meal was served hot and excellent taste. Server was very friendly and helpful.-
  • unknown unknownn

    unknown unknownn unknown unknownn

    -Ate here 3 times and has been excellent 3 times.-
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